The initiative to create a research-to-practice journal arose in 2007, when the Faculty of Law of the Ukrainian Academy of Banking summed up the results of the first decade of its existence. At that time, the faculty had already formed a powerful teaching staff with considerable scientific potential, and the names of leading researchers – D. M. Lukianets, V. D. Chernadchuk, V. V. Sukhonos and others – became widely known not only in Ukrainian, but also in foreign academia. Therefore, the need to create a printed publication as a platform for dissemination of research results, analysis of law-making and law enforcement activities, discussion of current issues of legal science has become obvious.

The idea was supported by the leadership of the Academy, first and foremost, by the rector, A. A. Yepifanov. In September 2007, the research-to-practice journal Legal Bulletin of the Ukrainian Academy of Banking was registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, and in 2008 the first issue of the journal was released.

The editorial board of the journal was headed by Doctor of Law, Professor D. M. Lukianets, and its executive secretary – Candidate of Law, Associate Professor V. M. Zavhorodnia. The editorial board of the journal also included a number of well-known legal scholars, namely Doctor of Law, Professor Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Yu. S. Shemshuchenko, Doctor of Law, Professor O. F. Andriiko, Doctor of Law, Professor L. M. Davydenko, Doctor of Law, Professor S. H. Stetsenko.

In the Bulletin, columns were opened on the main branches of legal science, and later – on methods of teaching legal disciplines. The journal quickly gained prestige and became popular among researchers and students, as well as among legal practitioners. Apart from studies by Ukrainian authors, the journal started featuring papers by researchers from Poland, the Czech Republic, the Russian Federation, Belarus, and other countries.

On January 26, 2011, by the Resolution of the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine No. 1-05/1, the journal was included in the List of Scientific Professional Journals of Ukraine, where the results of dissertations can be published.

A new impetus to the development of the journal was given by the Association of Law Faculties of the Ukrainian Academy of Banking and Sumy State University held in 2015-2016 and the creation of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Law of the Sumy State University on their basis. The journal changed its name to Legal Horizons, the editorial board was replenished with many well-known legal scholars, including foreign ones.

The combination of modern challenges, rapid processes of internationalisation and globalisation of legal science have necessitated the expansion of the journal, the use of English as a language of international scientific communication, and the establishment of the Institute's own scientific school has increased the frequency of issues.

Згідно з Наказом Міністерства освіти і науки України від 11. 07. 2017 р. № 996 журнал включено до Переліку наукових фахових видань, в яких можуть публікуватися результати дисертаційних робіт на здобуття наукових ступенів доктора і кандидата наук з юридичних дисциплін.

Since January 1, 2018, the Legal Horizons journal has been included in the scientific and metric database Index Copernicus.