Vol. 1(14), 2016


ISSN 2519-2353

Publisher: Sumy State University

Ryabchenko T.O.

Forms of direct participation of citizens in lawmaking

Sukhonos V.V.

Creative corporation in the state mechanism: historical and legal context

Harust Y.V. Turuk N.V.

The emergence and development of the authority of the President of Ukraine in the management of the financial system of the country at different stages of its development: historical and legal analysis

Myronenko R.V. Kobzeva T.A.

Mechanism for implementing the economic and legal policy of the National Bank of Ukraine

Burbyka M.M.

Information rights and freedoms of the employee during the performance of his duties

Kondratenko V.M.

Ensuring the rights of persons with disabilities to appropriate working conditions

Naida I.V.

Employment of population as an object of the state policy of Ukraine

Voronina N.P.

Agricultural cooperative as an independent organizational and legal form of a legal entity

Kobzeva T.A. Yatsyuk V.M.

The main factors of unsuring economic security

Harust Y.V. Lytvynenko Y.V.

Theoretical and legal aspect of defining the concept of "financial system of Ukraine"

Harust Y.V. Serdyuk V.I.

Financial system – the basis of economic stability and development of Ukraine: principles, tasks, functions

Zalizniak A.S. Reznik O.M.

Problems of the administrative and legal status of the Pension Fund, ways to solve them and prospects for pension reform in Ukraine

Kobzeva T.A. Serdiuk P.V.

Current problems of standardization of activity of the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine

Kuzmenko S.Y. Reznik O.M.

Legal analysis of features and development of the financial system of Ukraine

Kulish A.M. Motryuk A.D.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in the system of the state financial management system of Ukraine: formation and future prospects

Mirgorod-Karpova V.V. Harust Y.V.

Periods of formation and development of the financial system in Ukraine

Prokopenko P.S.

Must be reformed, cannot leave

Chernadchuk V.D.

Conceptual bases of execution of the state and local budgets in Ukraine: legal aspects

Zorinа Y.V. Malanchuk P.M.

Special features of human appearance: their significance for the investigation of a crime

Klochko A.M.

The value of certain methods of cognition in the context of studying the problem of criminal law protection of banking

Tarasenko N.Yu. Kupka Y.M. Malanchuk P.M.

Certain tools and methods of collecting forensic information

Fridrikh A.V. Severyn Ya.V. Malanchuk P.M.

Forensic examination of certain types of traces

Hołda-Wydrzyńska Anna

Legal protection of controlled entities on the basis of the Polish Act on freedom of business activity

Reznik O.M. Ihnatenko Y.V.

Comparative legal analysis of the organizational structure of the financial system of Ukraine and foreign countries