Vol. 11(24), 2018


ISSN 2519-2353

Publisher: Sumy State University

Kramarenko K.I.

Bill as a segment of the Ukrainian securities market

Rudenko L.D.

Legal bases of standardization in the field of energetics

Logvynenko M.I. Yaroshenko D.Yu.

Problematic aspects of work with personnel in the bodies of the National Police of Ukraine

Harust Y.V. Mirgorod-Karpova V.V. Khursenko K.I.

History of formation and development of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine

Ryzhenko O.S.

The development of information security in the world – a historical aspect

Semenets M.A.

Administrative and legal status of the Pension Fund of Ukraine as a subject of management of the financial system of Ukraine

Shaposhnyk A.S.

Organizational and legal bases of activity of the State Audit Service of Ukraine

Zhuravska Z.V.

The role of the staff of penitentiary bodies and institutions in ensuring security and crime prevention

Pakhomov V.V. Kravchenko Y.V.

Organizational and legal bases of activity of subjects of counteraction to cybercrime

Ilchenko O.V. Kanivets A.M.

Іmplementation of the international experience on the application of preventive measures in criminal proceedings

Kamensky D.V.

Agent provocateur: provocation of a crime or legal law enforcement activity?

Trubina M.V. Sereda A.V.

Organizational and legal support of examinations in the customs sphere

Sukhonos V.V. Bilokin R.M.

Human rights activities of the Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine: international legal standard