Vol. 12(25), 2018


ISSN 2519-2353

Publisher: Sumy State University

Karikh I.V, Mishchenko O.M. Chorna L.V.

Cooperation between law enforcement agencies and non-governmental organizations in the fight against human trafficking

Kulish A.M. Sapsai O.V.

Features of the legal status of private notaries in Ukraine

Pakhomov V.V.

Land monitoring as an important tool for improving the system of control and supervision in Ukraine

Syrotenko V.M. Harust Y.V.

Positive experience of the countries of the former socialist camp – members of the European Union on lifting the moratorium on land

Krivosheev K.O.

Financial security of the state: theoretical and legal analysis

Melnyk V.I. Ivashchenko S.V.

System of subsidiaries of provision of financial security of Ukraine

Rudenko L.D. Huba K.I.

Information support of the National Police of Ukraine: the current state and prospects of development

Filonenko S.S. Harust Y.V.

Administrative and legal mechanism for preventing bullying in domestic higher education institutions

Ilchenko O.V. Protsenko V.O.

Problems of investigations of criminal proceedings under the jurisdiction of the State Bureau of Investigation

Malanchuk P.M. Sergienko B.B.

Dactyloscopic examination of falsified human fingerprints

Logvynenko M.I. Jumaev M.

Actual problems of access to justice in the context of the creation in Ukraine of the High Court of Intellectual Property

Shapiro V.S. Pashchenko Ya.A.

Material and technical support of the National Police of Ukraine

Harust Y.V. Marchenko A.M.

Foreign experience of law enforcement agencies that ensure the financial and economic security of the state on the example of Lithuania

Mirgorod-Karpova V.V. Savchenko A.V.

Features of the financial system of the Republic of Colombia

Pavlenko B.O. Bondarenko M.O.

Regulatory and legal basis for the functioning of the world wide web

Kyselova O.I. Benko A.V.

The right of the parties to choose a contract governing labor relations and its restrictions