Vol. 13(26), 2018


ISSN 2519-2353

Publisher: Sumy State University

Yamnenko T.M Kolycheva Y.O.

Gender relations in the economic sphere of Ukraine

Ivanenko D.D. Koval O.A. Skubak K.M.

On the issue of administrative and legal status of the state representative of real estate rights

Strelchenko O.G.

Features of registration of medicinal products in Ukraine

Shapiro V.S.

Problematic aspects of expert participation in the civil process

Shcherbak S.V. Sergienko B.B.

Legal status of an expert on law in the civil process of Ukraine

Grudnitska S.M. Rudenko L.D.

Legal status of the state enterprise "Coal of Ukraine" in the context of harmonization of Ukrainian legislation with EU law in the framework of the Association Agreement

Soldatkina D.O. Shvaher O.A.

General characteristics of the subjects of non-cash payments

Kyselova O.I. Neverova S.A.

Features of implementation of labor compliance in Ukraine

Harust Y.V. Karikh I.V, Vykhodtseva O.M.

Legal bases of ensuring economic security of Ukraine

Kobzeva T.A. Mazurov A.V.

Legal bases of functioning of the State regulatory service of Ukraine as the subject of management of the national financial system

Logvynenko M.I. Vasilieva V.V.

Administrative and legal regulation of issuance and circulation of securities in Ukraine

Plotnikova M.V. Panchenko M.O.

Legal basis for the use of restricted information in the field of financial services provision

Kulish A.M. Reznik O.M. Mykolenko N.S.

Peculiarities of conducting an internal assessment of the effectiveness of law enforcement agencies as subjects of financial and economic security of the state

Сhernadchuk O.V.

Providing information security: challenges of the contemporaneity

Yanishevska K.D. Balenko Ye.O.

Administrative and legal regulation of access to public information

Zhalovaha Y.O. Pakhomov V.V.

Features of administrative and legal regulation of bodies of the state executive service

Malanchuk P.M. Nomyrovska Y.V.

Features of the investigation of contract murder

Ilchenko O.V.

National police in the law enforcement system: legal principles of activity

Lapkin A.V.

Prosecutor in special pre-judicial investigation (in absentia)

Leskiv O.I.

Peacekeeping mission in the area of ​​Joint Forces Operation: international legal aspect

Yarusevych Y.Y.

State customers for defense order as subjects of foreign economic activity