Vol. 14(27), 2019


ISSN 2519-2353

Publisher: Sumy State University

Sukhonos V.V.

The Soviet model of local governance of the era of military communism: the constitutional and legal aspect

Goncharova A.V. Shestak O.V.

Features of legal regulation of the performance of notarial activity: Ukrainian and European experience

Rudenko L.D. Kondieiev Y.S. Bozhko Y.I.

Legal principles of activity of state unitary enterprises

Borуchenko K.V.

The mechanism of legal regulation of relations in the law of social security

Shlapko T.V. Shudrenko D.A. Sokolenko O.P

Directions of improvement of the Ukrainian legislation in the field of inclusive education taking into account foreign experience in the light of the reform of the new Ukrainian school

Horobets N.S.

On the issue of classification of criteria for assessing the effectiveness of law enforcement agencies that provide financial and economic security of the state

Harust Y.V. Goroshko D.O.

Legal mechanism of improvement of state control over subjects of management of the financial system of Ukraine

Krivosheev K.O.

Legal bases of formation of the financial security system in Ukraine

Mirgorod-Karpova V.V. Shramko I.P.

The financial system as an object of management of the state property of Ukraine

Pavlenko B.O. Reva M.V.

Cybersecurity as a factor in ensuring economic security

Plotnikova M.V. Zhytelna O.V.

Some problems of legal regulation of e-governance in the area of administration of taxes and fees

Alina V. Steblianko

Concept and content of interaction of law enforcement bodies with financial institutions in counteraction to legalization of criminal proceeds

Sukhonos V.V. Prokopenko K.V.

Problems of criminalization of torture under Ukrainian law

Zheryobkinа Ye.A.

Judicial precedent as a source of law in the Romano-Germanic legal family

Kulish A.M. Petrenko V.O.

Public opinion as an external factor in assessing the effectiveness of law enforcement agencies as subjects of financial and economic security of Ukraine

Malanchuk P.M. Kulchenko M.Yu.

Problems of creation and regulation of databases of the National Police

Osipova O.O.

The system and dynamics of the functions of administrative proceedings during the consideration of disputes over the provision of administrative services

Kobzeva T.A. Parkhomenko A.O.

Prospects for creating a new law enforcement agency in the field of ensuring economic security of the state

Zadorozhna S.M.

Modern principles of international law in the hierarchy of norms of international, supranational and national law