Vol. 15(28), 2019


ISSN 2519-2353

Publisher: Sumy State University

Zhilenko N.V.

Historical aspects of the emergence of corruption in Ukraine

Sukhonos V.V.

Administrative-legal regulation of the processes of creating an e-government in the USSR

Logvynenko M.I. Karikh I.V, Dykovets A.V.

Problems of protecting copyright objects on the Internet

Malanchuk T.V. Maslak O.V.

Legal support of the activity of self-regulatory organizations in the securities market in Ukraine

Shlapko T.V. Eremenko A.O.

Concept and content of national administrative-legal regulation in the field of social protection of the population

Efimov O.M.

Compensation for property damage as an object of taxation of income tax

Malus A.I.

Formation and development of legislation to combat money laundering in Ukraine

Burda S.Ya.

Foreign and national experience of criminal law regulation of punishment in the form of community service

Vakula I.U.

Criminal liability for preparation of a criminal offense under the criminal law of Ukraine and the Republic of Poland (comparative legal study)

Malanchuk P.M. Zueva O.M.

Basic principles of the activities of the prosecutor in the criminal proceedings of France

Gafich I.I.

Prosecutor in the system of subjects of the termination of criminal proceedings

Ziakun A.I. Prokopenko K.V.

Application of special psychological knowledge during pre-trial investigations

Ivashchenko V.O.

Problematic issues of ending the pre-trial investigation by appealing to the court with an indictment

Маryniv V.I.

Features of appeal of court decisions in preparatory criminal proceedings

Mezentseva A.A.

Features of access to social networks and their use as an element of covert investigative (search) actions

Sergenyuk D.I.

Police activities as a means of ensuring public safety

Soloviov V.О.

Some problems of law enforcement during the collection of materials by the defense counsel on the basis of the decision of the investigating judge

Kuchma O.L.

Problems of pension provision for prosecutors