Vol. 17(30), 2019


ISSN 2519-2353

Publisher: Sumy State University

Bortnik S.M. Grechenko V.A.

Organization and activity of the police of the Ukrainian SSR in 1947: main aspects

Nikitenko O.I. Samoylovych A.A.

Ukrainian legislation on prevention and counteraction to corruption offenses

Harust Y.V. Pavlenko B.O.

Historical and legal aspect of the development of medicine and humanity

Datsenko O.I. Shvaher O.A.

Regarding the definition of "electronic service" concept

Sukhonos V.V.

The Soviet model of local government in the era of the New Economic Policy: administrative, legal and constitutional aspects

Kyselova O.I. Kohtenko R.V.

Family legal agreements and their role in resolving family disputes

Utkina M.S.

Ability to classify works created by artificial intelligence as intellectual property

Khoma V.O.

National features of legal regulation of duty-free trade

Shеvchеnkо О.V.

Historical and legal aspect of the formation of the National Commission on Securities and Stock Market as a central executive body that carries out state regulation of the securities market in Ukraine

Torianyk V.O.

The concept and features of the administrative and legal status of women affected by armed conflict

Melnyk V.I.

The concept of economic security of the state as an object of administrative and legal protection: theoretical and methodological aspects

Raimov R.I

The system and powers of the bodies that carry out administrative and legal regulation of the activities of natural monopolies

Selezen P.O.

Normative consolidation of the basic type of permanent representation in the tax legislation of Ukraine

Slabunova Yu.V. Kiiashko Yu.M. Glushko M.A.

The importance of the activities of local general courts to protect the rights of citizens in the context of combating economic crime as a threat to the financial stability of Ukraine

Boiko R.V. Pavlichenko D.G.

Adjustment coefficients for comparative approach in forensic examination

Malanchuk P.M. Bordun I.V.

Powers of the investigating judge in Ukraine and Germany: comparative characteristics

Lapkin A.V.

Regarding the definition of the purpose, tasks and functions of the prosecutor's office

Melnik O.V.

Transparency as a principle of organization and activity of the prosecutor's office

Zhdanova V.P.

Practical aspects of customs: exchange of information on the country of origin of goods

Harust Y.V. Mirgorod-Karpova V.V.

Administrative and legal bases of activity of controlling bodies concerning use of means of the international technical assistance