Vol. 19(32), 2019


ISSN 2519-2353

Publisher: Sumy State University

Baranova Ts.S.

Historical preconditions for counteracting and preventing domestic violence

Bezvin O.S. Mirgorod-Karpova V.V.

Trade unions as an integral part of the civil service

Pavlenko B.O. Kravchenko L.L. Harust Y.V.

Feldsher-obstetric points within the framework of medical reform

Mirgorod-Karpova V.V. Hryb A.A.

The institution of the prefect as a new innovative mechanism of state management of the regions of Ukraine

Kanarik Y.S. Sergienko B.B.

Legal protection of computer programs as objects of intellectual property rights

Kobzeva T.A. Mykhnovsky G.Yu.

Social and legal protection of orphans and children deprived of parental care

Pak N.S. Harust Y.V.

Problems of state policy in the field of English language development in higher education in Ukraine

Utkina M.S. Savytska I.V.

Intellectual property rights to "trade dress": features and general characteristics

Rudenko L.D. Semko D.S.

On the issue of pre-trial settlement of commercial disputes

Kolesnikova M.V. Skoryk A.D.

Problematic issues that arise in the field of application of administrative and economic sanctions and ways to solve them

Veklyuk O.V.

Concept and specifics of rest time of the National Police of Ukraine.

Malanchuk T.V. Zaitsev E.A.

The correlation of the categories of "quality" and "safety" of products

Sukhonos V.V. Harust Y.V. Shevtsov Y.A.

Digitalization of education in Ukraine: foreign experience and domestic prospects for implementation

Filonenko S.S. Mirgorod-Karpova V.V.

Administrative and legal mechanism for suicide prevention in Ukraine

Hudima T.S. Ustymenko V.A.

Digital currency of the Central Bank: economic and legal characteristics

Koroshchenko K.R. Harust Y.V.

Administrative and legal regulation of the film industry in Ukraine

Samsin R.I.

On the legal basis of planning and formation the defense budget of Ukraine

Sorochan N.V.

Types of incentives for employees of the National Police of Ukraine

Starynskyi M.V. Sokolenko O.P

Judicial practice of combating bullying and its features in the process of inclusive education

Slabunova Yu.V. Shcherbak N.M.

Legal status of a judge as a public servant

Melnyk V.I.

Main directions of activity of state bodies as subjects for maintenance of system of economic security of Ukraine

Ilchenko O.V. Varava M.M.

Legal bases of ensuring road safety: international experience

Riepin D.A. Harust Y.V.

Problems of legal regulation of activities of humanitarian organizations in Ukraine