Vol. 2(13), 2015


ISSN 2519-2353

Publisher: Sumy State University

Tkachenko A.O.

Comparative historical and legal analysis of the formation and development of banking systems: world experience and Ukraine

Bystryk H.M.

Principles of organization and activity of the mechanism of the state: praxeological aspect

Plotnikova M.V.

Expediency of implementation of electronic publication of normative-legal acts in Ukraine

Kuntsevych M.P. Yusan I.O.

The principle of prohibition of retroactive effect of the law in time: comparative legal analysis

Dorda S.V.

Ideology as an object of interdisciplinary research

Mylenkova R.V.

Legal phraseology of Latin etymology in the terminology of modern legal science

Stogova O.V.

Association of territorial communities in the context of decentralization of Ukraine

Malanchuk T.V.

Grounds for restricting the administrative capacity of legal entities

Malanchuk T.V.

Retail trade as a subject of administrative and legal regulation

Slavko A.S.

Legal regime of martial law: comparative legal aspect

Zavhorodnia V,M. Suprun O.V.

Concepts and principles of administrative process

Chernadchuk V.D.

Problems and prospects of development of interbudgetary legal relations in Ukraine

Starynskyi M.V.

The state as a subject of currency relations

Rudenko L.D.

Legal bases of activity of the enterprises of the main pipeline transport

Ivashova I.P.

Implementation of the use of housing in a contractual relationship on grounds other than the lease agreement

Shcherbak S.V.

Private executor: a look into the future

Sukhonos V.V.

Criminal groups as a distortion of the idea of ​​civil society

Khvatik Y.A.

Innovative educational technologies in the teaching of law students: on the example of the Faculty of Law of Columbia University (New York, USA)

Sukhonos V.V.

Legal education between jurisprudence and science of law: problem of choice