Vol. 2(15), 2017


ISSN 2519-2353

Publisher: Sumy State University

Nykonets A.A. Solonar A.V.

Historical and legal aspect of the formation and functioning of the financial system of Ukraine

Rudenko L.D. Androsova O.O.

Ensuring the voting rights of internally displaced persons in local elections

Semenov V.M. Zaika N.Yu.

Experience of implementing decentralization of power in the Visegrad Four countries

Afanasiev R.V. Solodka A.V.

The essence and features of the subject of collateral in economic relations

Vodopian T.V.

Mediator tactics and techniques in dealing with power imbalance in business mediation

Derevyanko B.V. Zakharchenko V.O.

Competitive market: modern characteristics and features

Shеvchеnkо О.V. Solonar A.V.

On some aspects as to reorganization of public joint-stock companies

Kyselova O.I. Rassokhina A.M.

Vaccination against labor discrimination of persons with disabilities

Radevych Y.O. Shlapko T.V.

Compliance of Ukrainian labor legislation with European standards

Tolbatova A.D. Shlapko T.V.

International legal experience in regulating the rights of persons with disabilities in the field of labor

Burbyka M.M. Zaika N.Yu.

Foreign experience and directions of improvement of the financial system of Ukraine in the context of European integration

Velichko O.O. Chernadchuk V.D.

Regarding the peculiarities of the relationship between the concepts of "principles of taxation", "principles of tax law" and "principles of tax law"

Harust Y.V. Trofymenko B.Yu.

Organizational and legal methods of preventing corruption, aimed at protecting the economic interests of the country

Kadala V.V. Hailova T.V.

Inefficiency of state management of economic security of entrepreneurship

Korzhova V.E. Solonar A.V.

Problems and prospects of the financial system of Ukraine

Solonar A.V. Kholod O.V.

Problems of ensuring economic security of Ukraine in the conditions of European integration processes

Tarasenko N.Yu. Shcherbak S.V.

Implementation of the institute of private executor in Ukraine: problematic issues

Yanishevska K.D. Favstina M.V.

Some aspects of reforming the system of state authorities in the field of migration

Voitovych A.V. Malanchuk P.M.

The concept of "trasology", its scientific basis

Klochko A.M. Baidak A.Yu.

Obtaining illegal benefits by law enforcement officials

Mordovets Ye.V. Malanchuk P.M.

Examination of fingerprints and palms as a kind of identification

Burbyka M.M. Smyrnova H.Yu.

The financial system of the European Union: advantages and problems of development

Harust Y.V. Kozynets O.O.

Comparative legal characteristics of the financial systems of Germany and Ukraine

Ilchenko O.V.

The implementation of international experience in the activities of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine is a way to form a unified system of European security

Kyselova O.I. Melnyk I.A.

International experience in regulating labor relations

Goncharova A.V. Ulviyye Aydin

Main problems of modern inheritance law

Yemelianov S.S. Shcherbak S.V.

Recovery of the debtor's funds in bank accounts: problematic issues

Kolesnikova M.V. Piddubna M.M.

Enforcement of international arbitration decisions in the field of intellectual property: the experience of Ukraine and European countries

Sosoi V.A. Shcherbak S.V.

Legal regulation of the principles of the executive process

Shapiro V.S. Shkrumada B.Yu.

The intellectual role of private military companies in the development of training programs for professional armed forces and law enforcement agencies

Ushkalo N.I. Shcherbak S.V.

Instance retrial of court decisions in the context of judicial reform

Chegrеnets N.V. Shcherbak S.V.

Judicial reform in Ukraine: qualification assessment of judges – before and after the reform

Pakhomov V.V. Dehtiar R.O.

Military courts