Vol. 20(33), 2020


ISSN 2519-2353

Publisher: Sumy State University

Pavliuchenko Y.M. Savchuk Y.Y.

Genesis of the concept of educational services as a legal category

Stanko I.Ya.

Theoretical and legal analysis of the principles of law as an integrating element of the legal system.

Nepyipa R.O. Samoilenko Ye.A.

Problems of implementation by Ukraine of the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights and ways to solve them

Pavlenko B.O. Gulakov V.A.

Characteristics of national security as a basis for the protection of society

Sukhonos V.V.

Status of the state theory of local self-government in the world doctrine of municipal law

Kulish A.M. Turpitko V.V.

Development of sports in Ukraine and abroad

Pohrebniak V.Ya

The legal nature of the termination of subjective civil law

Utkina M.S. Holovach A.I.

Experience of foreign countries in the protection and defense of copyright and related rights to a musical work

Rudenko L.D. Bavikin A.Yu. Sokolenko O.P

On the issue of economic and legal support for the use of binary options as financial instruments

Yarusevуch A.S.

Historical stages of creation and legal registration of authority of the state concern "Ukroboronprom"

Melnyk V.I.

Development of domestic legislation to ensure the functioning of Ukraine's economic security system during the period of independence

Veselov M.Yu.

Administrative and legal regulation of the functioning of juvenile justice in the field of children's rights

Pozhydaeva M.A.

Evolution of the use of electronic payment instruments: financial and legal aspect

Rusanyuk U.Y.

Improving the implementation of administrative and legal measures for the prevention of offenses against officials of public administration bodies

Sukhonos V.V.

Administrative and legal principles of the financial system of Ukraine

Bondarenko O.S.

Criminal liability for domestic violence in Ukraine

Pereverza O.Y. Kulava M.K.

Some aspects of the use of explanations of persons as sources of evidence in the investigation of criminal offenses

Harust Y.V. Vasilenko M.P.

Reforming the prosecutor's office as a way to clean up the legal system

Bulgakova Daria

International law on space tourism implementation

Kobzeva T.A. Ivanov A.O.

European standards for food safety and consumer protection

Lytvynenko A.A.

The right of access to patient's health data: a comparative analysis of the case law of the European court of human rights, the European court of justice, and the practice of the courts of the United States and some European countries

Nahorna V.O. Nevara L.M.

Formation and development of protection of the rights of national minorities in international law

Polivanova O.M.

The case "Ukraine v. Russian Federation". Determination of the subject of the dispute by the international court of the UN and establishment of jurisdiction

Slabunova Yu.V. Zhylenkо M.M.

Peculiarities оf privatizatiоn оf state and cоmmunal prоperty: fоreign experience