Vol. 21(34), 2020


ISSN 2519-2353

Publisher: Sumy State University

Lobko N.V.

Rights and obligations of prisoners of war in the World War I and their observance in Lebedyn District of Kharkiv Province

Rodzinskyi N.I. Savchenko D.S. Khaustova M.H.

Public opinion as an institute of direct democracy

Pakhomov V.V. Karikh I.V,

Priority directions and ways for implementation of Ukraine's humanitarian policy systems

Sukhonos V.V.

Municipal and legal views of L. von Stein

Denisenko S.I. Rubanets O.M.

Some issues of legal regulation of real estate mortgages that children have the right to use

Zolota L.V.

System of subjects of counteraction to infringement of the intellectual property right in the sphere of scientific activities

Yakushchenko Yu.M.

Evolution of surrogate motherhood: legal aspect

Rudenko L.D.

On the issue of liability in economic judicial proceedings

Sirovatkin S.A. Hudima T.S.

Object of legal relations of crediting in foreign currency

Harust Y.V. Potapenko N.I.

Complex issues of the administrative and legal regulation of counteracting the shadowing of the economy in Ukraine

Melnyk V.I.

Administrative and legal support of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine as a subject of ensuring of functioning the system of economic security of the state

Seletskyi O.V.

Theoretical-legal analysis of the provisions of encouragement of civil servants

Alina V. Steblianko

Criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of law enforcement agencies' interaction with financial institutions on combating money laundering

Timashov V.O. Mykhed O.V.

Administrative and legal support of the activity of customs entities in Ukraine

Bayda A.O. Novikov D.O.

Criminal liability for tax evasion with the use of offshore schemes as a prerequisite of stabilization of economy of Ukraine

Puhach A.O. Rubashchenko M.A.

Current issues of decriminalization of goods smuggling considering the nature of the criminal offense

Utkina M.S.

On issue of criminal liability for violations of intellectual property rights

Kovalenko V.V.

Elemental composition of forensic characteristics of human trafficking

Polishchuk M.H.

Рroblem aspects of individual, ordinary proceedings and in-council consideration of the case in terms of civil procedural legislation of Ukraine

Sadruk O.M. Tyshchenko O.I.

Mediation in the criminal process of Ukraine: prospects for legislation

Suslova V.S. Tyshchenko O.I.

Application of preventive measures in the criminal process: current issues

Shevchenko Yu.A. Kharytonova O.V.

Consideration of the bail concept as a component of a financial liability in the understanding of the law of Ukraine "On the prevention of corruption" for qualification of the act in accordance with article 366-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine

Kulish A.M. Sitalo Y.S.

Problems affecting the effectiveness of the court authorities in Ukraine and the ways to solve them.

Mirgorod-Karpova V.V. Koroshchenko K.R.

Functioning of the pension system of Ukraine, United Kingdom and the USA: comparative and legal characteristics

Smalii O.B.

A general description of threats to european security at the threshold of the 21st century

Shumalo O.V. Kalakura V.Ya.

International legislation instrument on surrogate motherhood: prospects of creation