Vol. 23(36), 2020


ISSN 2519-2353

Publisher: Sumy State University

Sukhonos V.V. Sukhonos V.V.

Collectivization as a form of socialist reconstruction in the Stalinian USSR: Historical and legal aspect

Biryukova A.G. Salo D.S.

Some aspects of protection of the right to the image of an individual as a personal non-property right

Hrybachova I.P. Shevtsov Y.A.

Weapons turnover in the civil law of Ukraine

Kyselova O.I.

Features of consideration by courts of labor disputes on the reinstatement of an employee at work

Mirgorod-Karpova V.V. Lisov D.A.

Comparative legal characteristics of the accounting chamber in Ukraine, The USA and Poland

Reznik O.M. Krasilyuk M.O.

The legal status of cryptocurrency in Ukraine as an object of taxation

Pyvovarov V.V. Chepur V.O.

Criminological view on the corporate nature of modern environmental crime

Stepanenko O.V. Stepanenko A.S.

On the issue of qualification of criminal offence connected to domestic violence

Dymchykov M.O. Sira M.A.

The use of fictitious business entities as a way to legalize (launder) the proceeds of crime: the main causes, consequences and ways to fight

Romtsiv O.I.

The features of the ensure the security of people involved in criminal proceedings in Ukraine

Utkina M.S.

Legal nature of primary and public financial intelligence entities in the field of combating money laundering

Kipcharskyi O.M.

Theoretical and legal problems of state control over the judicial security service

Kulish A.M. Zaporozhets O.E.

The concept of administrative and legal status of operational divisions of the SFS of Ukraine

Makarchuk V.V.

The concept of the legal status of law enforcement agencies

Serebryakova Y.O.

On the issue of reasons of representation of the interests of the state by the prosecutor in commercial litigation

Biletska G.M. Кovtunovych N.L. Shkurenko N.H.

Foreign experience of providing communication in state agencies

Logvynenko M.I. Shunko M.G.

Comparative characteristics of intellectual property courts: Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA

Khoma V.O. Zhdanova V.P.

Foreign experience of operative-search activity of customs authorities on the example of the United States of America