Vol. 26(39), 2021


ISSN 2519-2353

Publisher: Sumy State University

Bondarenko O.S.

Retrospective analysis of the origin of corruption as a phenomenon and the degree of influence of the historical aspect on the formation of the modern concept of "corruption"

Maryniv I.I. Malik K.R.

Human rights in Muslim law: current issues

Sukhonos V.V.

The minimal state in Ukraine as a progressive ideal of the historical criterion of the legal approach to the typology of the state: functional aspect

Sukhonos V.V.

Legal aspect of the symbiosis of educational sphere and management activities: issues on leadership style and methods

Goncharova A.V.

Determining the responsibilities of inheritors

Mirgorod-Karpova V.V.

Peculiarities of family medicine functioning and provision of medical services: experience of the European Union and lessons for Ukraine

Serebryakova Y.O.

Insolvency as a material and legal basis for initiating bankruptcy proceedings against business organizations

Tyurina Y.E.

Regarding the concept of sale of the debtor's property in bankruptcy proceedings

Kyselova O.I. Soldatenko M.

Practice of compensation for moral damage in labor law of Ukraine and foreign countries

Shlapko T.V. Sokolenko O.P

Legal mechanism for ensuring the right to inclusive education in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic in Ukraine and the United States

Zavalna Zh.V. Starynskyi M.V.

Innovations in the legal regulation of contracts for the provision of financial services

Kolesnikova M.V. Shevtsov Y.A. Pak N.S.

Features and problems of the administrative and legal regime of the COVID-19 pandemic in Ukraine - the prospect of the issue

Melnyk V.I.

The role of executive bodies as subjects of the economic security system of Ukraine

Nikitenko O.I.

Legal bases of activity of law enforcement bodies in the field of security in border areas of Ukraine

Alina V. Steblianko Riepin D.A.

Cryptocurrency as a modern phenomenon: advantages, disadvantages, problems of legal regulation

Utkina M.S.

Interaction of law enforcement agencies and financial institutions for financial monitoring in the field of combating money laundering

Harust Y.V. Mirgorod-Karpova V.V.

General principles of organization and activityof judges in Ukraine

Mirgorod-Karpova V.V. Murach D.V.

International experience in the functioning of anti-corruption judiciary

Harust Y.V. Melnyk V.I. Mirgorod-Karpova V.V. Pavlenko B.O. Kiiashko Yu.M. Maletov D.V.

Functioning of the system for evaluating the effectiveness of international technical assistance: the experience of the European Union and the world's leading countries

Makarchuk V.V.

Legal aspects of the impact of educational migration on the national security of Ukraine