Vol. 4(17), 2017


ISSN 2519-2353

Publisher: Sumy State University

Sukhonos V.V.

Head of state as an administrative and legal institution

Sukhonos V.V. Volochay Yu.V.

Experience of administrative and legal reform in the countries of Southeast Asia

Sukhonos V.V. Volochay Yu.V. Sokolenko O.P

Monarchical form of government and totalitarian political regime: the dichotomy of antinomy and symbiosis

Favstina M.V. Hlazun O.A.

Legal bases of protection against unfair competition in Ukraine

Berestok B.P.

Some peculiarities of the tasks and functions of the National guard of Ukraine in the course of the emergency situation

Kosytsia O.O. Kozyr T.O.

Local center for free secondary legal aid as a public service provider

Chernadchuk V.D.

Administrative and legal consequences of the application of restrictions in the procedure of withdrawal of an insolvent bank from the market

Severyn Ya.V. Shvaher O.A.

Function of the cash turnover issue center as a monopoly right of the National Bank of Ukraine to issue money

Solonar A.V.

Principles of police activity in Ukraine and abroad

Furs S.I. Shvaher O.A.

Certain issues of legal regulation of the bank deposit agreement and related legal relations

Yanishevska K.D.

Principles of activity of a tax agent as a subject of tax legal relations

Yanishevska K.D. Savchenko A.V.

Some aspects of juvenile delinquency prevention

Harust Y.V. Pavlenko B.O.

Academic integrity – a way to protect the intellectual property of Ukrainian scientists

Ivanenko D.D. Yaroshenko V.O.

Organizational and legal bases of DOI system functioning

Kiiashko Yu.M. Ivanenko D.D.

The problem of the intellectual property protection system in Ukraine in the aspect of patent trolling

Kubyshkina A.O.

Features of arrangement of appellate courts in Ukraine as an important aspect of the sphere of administrative and legal regulation of the judicial system of Ukraine