Vol. 5(18), 2017


ISSN 2519-2353

Publisher: Sumy State University

Ryabchenko T.O. Malus A.I.

Foreign experience of state control over the activities of local self-governments

Ryabchenko T.O. Alina V. Steblianko

Electronic declaration as an effective tool of preventing corruption in local governments

Semenov V.M. Ragulina Y.M.

Theoretical foundations of public administration of the social protection system in European countries

Strilchuk V.A.

Inclusiveness: municipal-legal dimension

Kyselova O.I.

Mechanisms of state regulation of employment of population

Horobets N.S. Reznik O.M.

Accountability and controllability of the Security Service of Ukraine as a special subject of the financial system of Ukraine

Cherei S. V. Chernadchuk V.D.

Powers of the National Bank of Ukraine in the field of insolvency of banks

Сhernadchuk O.V.

Financial and legal doctrines in Ukraine in the first half of the XIX century: a historical essay

Chernadchuk V.D. Yakovlieva Ya.S.

On the issue of defining the concept of teaching in the anti-corruption legislation of Ukraine

Gorkava V.Yu Sichevliuk V.A.

Development of liability for administrative offenses in the field of traffic rules

Gurzhii A.V.

Public consultations: current issues and prospects of legal regulation

Hlushchenko N.V. Solonar A.V.

The system of administrative authorities that protect and defend intellectual property rights in the field of medicine and biotechnology

Kosytsia O.O.

Financial and legal liability of the tax agent

Mirgorod-Karpova V.V. Harust Y.V.

Theoretical principles and problems of determining the essence of state financial control in Ukraine

Ryzhenko O.S. Harust Y.V.

Administrative and legal regulation of cybersecurity in Ukraine

Shlapko T.V. Myronov P. F.

Foreign and domestic experience of legal regulation of electronic money circulation

Pakhomov V.V. Karikh I.V, Dehtiar R.O.

Military Police

Guts N.G.

Contents of property rights and other property rights of trade unions of Ukraine

Olondar V.S. Shlapko T.V.

Certain issues of organization and tactics of documenting by law enforcement agencies of Ukraine acceptance of a proposal, promise or receipt of illegal benefit by an official