Vol. 6(19), 2017


ISSN 2519-2353

Publisher: Sumy State University

Ziakun A.I. Dehtiar R.O.

Methodological bases of legal psychology as a science

Shvaher O.A.

Current issues of legal regulation of avoidance of double taxation in Ukraine

Semennikov S.V.

The concept and characteristics of administrative services

Solonar A.V. Yakimenko A.Yu.

History of the formation and development of the institute of police officer

Starynskyi M.V. Dybchenko Y.P.

The National Bank of Ukraine in the system of controlling authorities of Ukraine

Zaichenko Yu.S.

Problematic aspects of state regulation in the field of counteraction to legalization (laundering) of proceeds obtained by illegal means

Bondarenko O.S. Suprun P.I.

Criminal and legal characteristics of the crime under Part 1 of Art. 368 of the Criminal code of Ukraine

Chegrеnets N.V.

Criminological characteristics of false testimony and methods of its exposure

Datsenko O.I.

Forensic characteristics of the methodology of investigations of serial killings

Kandyba Yu.O.

Criminological characteristics of bribery

Lion O. M.

The main scientific provisions of trasology in criminology

Molchanova A.P.

Features of theft investigation

Malanchuk P.M. Maslak O.V.

Regarding the concept of investigative errors and the reasons for their occurrence

Pos A.A.

Proposal and verification of investigative versions

Sokolenko T.S.

Scientific provisions of human identification on the basis of appearance

Storchaka M.V.

Features of forensic versions

Tarasenko D.I.

Current issues of the investigation of the disappearance of a person

Voronkova M.Yu.

Forensic characteristics of human abduction

Myroslavskyi S.V. Shestachenko D.S.

Theoretical and practical problems of concluding and executing a supply contract in Ukraine